Basic Orientation: This is where you will become familiar with the essentials of archery.  The class has several areas of focus:

  • Archery form, based on the National Training System (NTS) method
  • Safety and basic recurve archery skills to protect yourself and others when on the range
  • Sizing the bow, arrow, and safety equipment to correctly fit the archer
  • KAC range etiquette and rules

We begin instruction from the ground up, from stance to follow-through.

Who Should Attend? All beginner students ages 9 and up must participate in one of our orientation sessions.  This orientation is mandatory for those students planning to participate in the ongoing classes.  If you are a Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) or Adult Archery Program (AAP) member of another club, this orientation may not be required. Experienced archers who wish to become members of the Kennesaw Archery Club should be evaluated by a Coach for target safety knowledge and skills. Required attendance at Orientation is then at the discretion of evaluating Coach.

The orientation class is also particularly helpful for those that have not shot in many years.

When: Classes are held the 3rd Saturday of the month. To register for upcoming orientations, please visit the events calendar.  Registration is required, walk-ups will not be allowed in.  Classes may last up to two hours.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time.  Late arrivals may not be admitted to the class.

Where: Orientation sessions are held year-round at our outdoor range in Acworth, weather permitting.​

Cost: The cost of each orientation session is $50 – $25 for the instruction plus $25 for purchase of personal safety equipment.  This fee is due upon registration on the events calendar. All other necessary equipment and instruction is included.  Your own equipment may only be used after orientation and with the Coach’s approval. 

Group Orientation: Groups wishing to participate in an orientation should contact [email protected] as these are held as private group lessons, and will be scheduled as the coaches’ schedules permit.

After Orientation, Now What? Once you have completed your orientation, you may attend any 2 classes, paying $10 each class, before being required to join USA Archery if you want to continue shooting.  After that, you may join us.