Membership Requirements: Students

All students must first attend one of our orientations to participate (online registration).  Our classes are then held every Saturday, weather permitting, at our outdoor range on Pitner Road, Acworth GA.

Kennesaw Archery Club requires all participants to minimally hold a “USA Archery Recreational Archer” membership status to shoot in our programs.  See our USA Archery section for more information and how to register.

Participation in Achievement Ranking Programs

Achievement ranking and pins will be available for the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and Adult Archery Program (AAP) students wishing to earn milestones in their archery development.  To participate, two types of membership are required:

  1. Kennesaw Archery Club membership
    Club Membership applications can be obtained at our Saturday or Sunday classes, depending on the season.JOAD/AAP membership is just one part of full club membership, therefore it is not a stand-alone membership.
  2. USA Archery Full membership
    A Full, non-“Recreational”, youth or adult/family membership in USA Archery is required to participate in the USA Archery JOAD/AAPprograms.  This membership will also allow participation in State, Regional, and National tournaments.  See our USA Archerysection for more information and how to register. 

Forms to be Filled Out

The membership packet contains the application and the required release forms that must be submitted before your application can be accepted.  Also included are waiver release forms that must be signed prior to receiving orientation. 2022-2023 KAC Membership forms

Signed waivers and release forms must accompany all new applications AND renewals for each member. Hard copies of the entire package must be provided with payment to activate your membership.

If you have problems, please email  [email protected] for membership information and applications.  

Range Access

The membership period is from July 1 through June 30 each year.  Membership allows outdoor range privileges for members with their own equipment but does not include any class fees.  Scheduled classes and events posted on our calendar take precedent over range access.

  • Range Hours: 07:00 AM to 11:00 PM for KAC Members with own equipment. No rental equipment is available.

Please close the gate and twirl the lock combination when you are the last person leaving the range, or are unsure of the situation. The gate can remain open while archers are on the range.

Guests may shoot on club ranges only on two separate occasions while accompanied by a current member and then must become a member to shoot at the ranges.

NO BROADHEADS are allowed on Target or Field ranges.


All members of the club work together and share the workload to keep the range maintained, so please do your part!  Various volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the year to keep our facility and club the best in the area.  

Payment Options

Your membership payment may be mailed, or hand-delivered to the membership representative during one of our scheduled classes. Cash, check, or credit payment is available during classes.

Mailing Membership payments:
Print membership application forms (see Forms section above)
Enclose check made payable to:  Kennesaw Archery Club, Inc

Send to:

The Kennesaw Archery Club, Inc
ATT: Membership Chair
P.O. Box 801664
Acworth, GA  30101

The membership representative will email the gate code to you when application, waivers, and payment are received.

Note: All members are required to pay County fees when becoming a member.

How to become a Kennesaw Archery Club (KAC) member

Beginning Archers:

  1. Sign up for and attend a KAC orientation class
  2. Complete the KAC orientation class waivers
  3. Become a member of USA Archery (adult, youth, or recreational membership)
  4. Complete the KAC Membership Forms (see FORMS on left side)
  5. Mail or deliver your KAC membership application and club membership dues, along with a copy of your USA Archery membership card

Experienced Archers:

  1. Provide experience information to Membership representative. USA Archery, NFAA, and ASA memberships are accepted. In some cases a coach or mentor shooting session may be requested.
  2. Complete Membership package and mail or deliver application and dues to Membership representative.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions!