Archery Programs Offered by the Club

We offer several programs for the casual, competitive, beginner, and experienced recurve archer.  All programs are taught by USA Archery certified instructors and coaches.  We provide all necessary equipment for recurve archery.  We can also accommodate compound, barebow, and longbow archers, however, you will have to provide your own equipment for those styles.

Archery Orientation Classes
This class is held regularly and is a requirement to becoming a member and participating in club member events.  We accept participants from ages 9 to adult.  Orientation is particularly helpful for those who have never shot a bow or those that haven’t shot in many years.  It also serves to familiarize you with the club, along with club etiquette and range rules.  The class fee is $45 and includes purchase of all personal safety equipment.  Bows, quivers and arrows are provided. Online registration is required.

Junior Olympic Archery Program (JOAD)
This is a program of USA Archery that helps young people progress in the sport of archery either recreationally or competitively.

Adult Archery Program (AAP)
This is a program of USA Archery and is the next logical step after JOAD for adult archers.

Joad Xperience
Through the JOAD Xperience Program, archers earn achievement awards and positive reinforcement each time they achieve one of their primary goals.