USA Archery

The National Archery Association of the United States (USA Archery) is the governing body within the United States and is affiliated with the World Archery Federation (WA).  The athletes that represent the US in the Olympics and other world events are members of USA Archery.

The Kennesaw Archery Club (KAC) is an affiliate of USA Archery.


As a Recreational member of USA Archery, there are many membership benefits, including:

  • recreational camps
  • newsletter
  • insurance

As you increase to USA Archery Full membership status, you also gain:

  • mail-in tournaments
  • participation in State, Regional, and National tournaments
  • achievement ranking and pins for JOAD and AAP

Recreational Membership

As a Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) club, the Kennesaw Archery Club requires all participants to minimally hold a “USA Archery Recreational Archer” membership status to shoot in our programs.  

The cost for a Recreational membership is $15 annually.  A Recreational membership can be upgraded, if desired, to Full youth or adult membership at any time.  See the section below for more information.

Full Membership

When you opt for a Full youth or adult/family membership with USA Archery, you gain all the benefits of a Recreational member, as well as the ability to participate in State, Regional, and National tournaments.  Achievement ranking and pins are also available to JOAD and AAP participants.

The cost for a full membership is $35 for Youth, and $65 for Adults.  You may visit the USA Archery Membership Benefits page for more options.  If you are already a Recreational member, then you may deduct the $15 cost of the Recreational membership when you upgrade.


To become a member of USA Archery, please visit USA Archery Membership.  Please select the Kennesaw Archery Club as your club affiliation.

Please print your USA Archery Member Card when preparing to join the KAC.  To print your member card:

USAA Code of Ethics