Adult Archery Program

Adult Archery Program

Similar to the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program, the Adult Archery Program (AAP) of USA Archery is the next logical step for adult archers ages 18 and up.  The Kennesaw Archery Club is proud to be a part of this program, offering everything from beginner instruction to national competitions for both recurve and compound archers.

As a participant in this program, adult archers will receive instruction on the National Training System (NTS) from certified level 2, and higher, instructors and coaches.

Like the JOAD program, AAP members will learn range safety, proper shooting form, advanced techniques, and tournament preparation.  You’ll make new friends, get some exercise, build self-confidence, learn to focus, and learn team building skills, all while enjoying the lifetime sport of archery.

AAP archers earn tangible awards though the AAP Achievement Program for achieving various levels of scores shooting either recurve or compound bows at various distances and difficulties.  

Whether your interest in archery is purely recreational or you are in pursuit of national and international competition, this program is designed to help you achieve your archery aspirations and goals.

Participation in AAP is optional and there is an annual fee.  You must be a member of the Kennesaw Archery Club and hold a full (adult or family) membership in USA Archery to join the program.  The basic “recreational” USA Archery membership is not eligible.  A full USA Archery membership allows you to participate in state, national, regional, and mail-in tournaments.  USA Archery membership in general provides insurance for members during sanctioned events, along with a newsletter.

When and Where

April –  October:  Saturdays, 10am at our outdoor range

November – March, Sundays at our indoor range

Required Memberships

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AAP Star Pin Achievements