Range Etiquette

When at the archery range there are a few rules of etiquette that must always be followed. The rules of archery etiquette are based on safety, courtesy, and good sportsmanship. Below is a list of the most important points:

  1. If you cannot consistently hit the target, you MUST move to a shorter distance.
  2. When you are finished shooting, step back from the line so that others can see that you are finished.
  3. If you cannot find your arrow within a reasonable time, please return to the waiting line so as not to hold up other archers.
  4. Never nock, draw, or release an arrow when someone is downrange.
  5. Remain quiet to allow others to concentrate on their shooting. Do not swear.
  6. Beware of your surroundings when you pull arrows. There may be other archers behind you!
  7. Always be careful of others’ equipment, watch where you walk, be careful when removing your bow from the bow-rack, and never touch another archers’ equipment without permission.

Range Rules        

  1. Know and obey all range signals.
  2. Keep your arrows in your quiver until you are told to shoot.
  3. Only use the arrows the instructor gave you.  Remember what they look like.  (note:  Arrows that are too short are dangerous to try to shoot.  Kennesaw Archery Club uses nock colors to identify the length of the arrow.  Do the arms extended arrow test as demonstrated at orientation if you are unsure.
  4. Always keep your arrows pointed down or towards the target.
  5. If you drop an arrow, leave it on the ground until you are told to get it.
  6. Always walk at the archery range.
  7. Always be absolutely sure that the path to the target and beyond is clear.
  8. Only release the bow string at full draw when there is an arrow on the string.  “Dry firing” is when you release the string without an arrow.  This may cause damage to the bow and can cause personal injury.
  9. Secure all loose clothing, remove bracelets, necklaces etc.  Tie your hair back.
  10. Always treat your archery equipment with respect.
  11. Always treat your fellow archers with respect.
  12. Please keep talking and distractions to a minimum while archers are on line.

Range Signals (Whistle Commands)

Always remain behind the waiting line until your hear the appropriate signal.  You should be prepared to step up to the line with your bow, arm guard, chest protector, finger tab, and finger sling. 

  • Two whistles means to step up and straddle the shooting line.  Have all of your equipment ready, but keep your arrows in their quiver.  You can rest the bottom tip of your bow on your shoe to protect the tip and rest your arms.
  • One whistle means you are clear to nock an arrow and begin shooting.  Once you’ve fired your arrows, step back from the shooting line and place your bow on the bow rack.  Wait for the next command.
  • Three whistles means you are clear to walk down range and retrieve your arrows.  You should only hear this signal after all archers are finished shooting and are all behind the shooting line.  For everyone’s safety, only one archer should pull arrows at a time when sharing a target face.
  • Five or more whistles means there is a dangerous situation on the range and you should immediately and safely let down your bow and return your arrow to the quiver.  Wait for the next command or instructions from your coach or range officer.

Club Rules

  1. All minors who did not drive themselves to the range MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.
  2. Parents must stay behind the shooting line at all times.
  3. If parked along the driveway next to intermediate/advance range and it is in use, do not walk on the driveway — walk between the woods and the cars.
  4. Closed toe shoes must be worn on all ranges. Please do not wear camouflage clothing.
  5. We do not shoot during electrical storms.  If an electrical storm moves into the area, please cease shooting and seek safe shelter.
  6. ALWAYS lock the gate when you leave if you are the last person at the range or are unsure. Spin the numbers so combination cannot be seen.
  7. Waivers must be signed each year by members. Orientation participants, guests, and visiting USA Archery members will need to sign prior to shooting on the range. 

Club Reminders

  1. Please bring exact change. Cash and checks accepted ($25 fee charged for returned checks).
  2. Equipment may be checked out after paying the appropriate daily fee to our desk volunteers.​
  3. KAC is a volunteer-based organization. As such, please volunteer your time during club workdays, shoots, range moves, projects, and any other events. We can’t exist without your time, input, and skills.
  4. High School students can earn volunteer hours at Kennesaw Archery Club. See any desk volunteer to approve and sign for your hours.
  5. Classes will be held in the rain unless electrical activity is in the area–See Rule 7 above.