KAC 3D Shoot Through the Woods

Come out and try your skill on the 20 targets hiding in our woods!  Kennesaw Archery Club, 2320 Pitner Rd, Acworth GA 30101.  Park in the front lot with the targets.  May be tight so carpooling is encouraged.

9:00 – 2pm, last card handed out at 2pm.  Course takes about 2 hours.  Pay-back classes, trophy classes, marked & unmarked….whatever your bow desires.  $15 Trophy classes for 50, 45, 40, 30,  20 known yards.  $15 trophy class for Olympic Recurve known yards.  $20 money classes for 50 yds known & unknown.  $15 fun classes, no trophy or rules.

All bow-types allowed EXCEPT crossbows and/or broadhead arrows.  All ages invited.

No early registration required.  All signup is onsite so walk-ins are encouraged.  Bring your friends and show them who’s the Boss.


Watch Kennesaw Archery Club FB page for shoot changes and last minute updates.

Contact Brian Martin if you have questions   [email protected]  706.273.0554


Jun 09 2024


Last card handed out at 2pm
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
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  1. Carol

    I missed the last two orientation classes due to it filling up so quickly. Can I still come and shoot at the kac shooting.

    • Heather Polk

      Carol, Since this is an ‘open to the public’ shoot the answer is YES. To shoot on our range outside of Public Shoots, you have to be a KAC member or take Orientation plus be a ASA, NFAA, or USA Archery member.


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